RIP king :(

press F to pay respects.

but seriously, Rest In Peace to a freaking legend. Stefan Karl Stefansson, aka Robbie Rotten from Lazytown, died today.

not only was Stefan Karl a big part of my childhood because I was a Lazytown HOE, he was also part of my teenage years thanks to his memes. i don’t know Stefan personally, but he was always a huge optimist and enthusiastic about becoming a meme, even going as far as to perform his iconic song while he was battling cancer. he also loved his fans, and was just an amazing dude in general.

heroes get remembered, but legends never die. and Stefan Karl was a legend. he’ll always be #1 in my heart 😦



that’s just how it is

junior year is so much fun so far

i had a mental breakdown on the first day and i feel incredibly stupid in all my classes

also the workload is 😤👌🏽💯

ew school

wow i haven’t posted on here in a while!

unfortunately that’s probably just how it’s going to be on here for a while, because… well, school started for me.

last year, and the year before as well, I was pretty capable of balancing my schoolwork, other stuff, and my blog. mainly because i was taking easy classes and to be honest, last year I didn’t really try at all.

but things are really different now. not only is the wordpress community significantly smaller than before, it’s also my junior year of high school. and everything I’ve seen about this year is “oh I had so many mental breakdowns junior year” and “junior year is the hardest”. in addition to that, i also made the terrible, terrible decision to take 2 AP classes and an honors class! might I mention this is my first time taking advanced classes, so… i’m not really sure what’s going on. at all.

if i reverted back to my old days, where i just posted what i wanted to or what was on my mind, and my posts were like 10 words long, I could definitely stay active on here. heck, if I did that I probably would stay active on here. but i’m not, as I stated in my new year’s resolutions from like a year ago, I wanted use this blog to post long, interesting, and actually good content. which i think i’ve been doing so far.

my life also isn’t that interesting. if you’re wondering why I never posted during the summer, it’s because I had nothing to talk about. i literally just stayed home and played video games for the most part, I left the house twice to hang out with friends, twice to watch ant-man and the wasp, and once to watch the new mamma mia movie. now that I’m thinking of it I could’ve made content out of all that but I didn’t so I missed my chance

so, yeah. I don’t really know if this post make sense, but basically, i’m probably not going to be active on here because of school. if you actually (for some reason?) like getting spammed with irrelevant and/or weird posts, ask me for my super secret side blog! i post on there a lot and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be continuing to post on there during the school year. (in fact, today I made two posts about the super smash brothers direct, did anyone watch that???????? we should talk about it if you did………… CHROM…….. richter and simon……….. i’m happy)

anyway, if you made it this far you’re a really cool person and you deserve some sort of award. personally, i’m sorry you had to read all that meaningless jargon!


We Want You! (Member Search)

come join us if you like art of any kind!

The Artistics

Hey there!

The Artistic has been in the blogosphere for a long time now! In that process, we’ve lost some of our members. Right now, The Artistics is short in members and we really want to provide content as good and as frequent as possible but we’re unable to do that due to the lack of members.

We want you, an individual who possesses great creativity and imagination, to join us! We’re looking for some fresh minds to be a member of The Artistics!


1. Email us with your name (it’s okay if it’s a pen name), blog link, and what forte you choose (writing, photography, graphic design). If you want, you can describe yourself!

Do you have to be a blogger to join? No. You don’t have to be one but you’ll need a WordPress account if you’ll ever be part of the staff.

2. A Kik account…

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i just have a japanese final next and that’s the last one that i need to actually try on!! 🙂 i’m really nervous for the Japanese final because it’s probably my worst subject, so i don’t have high hopes for getting an A but i’m studying right now so who knows what is going to happen.